Letter to Owners – July 10th, 2019

Dear Owners:

We have exciting news to share with you, that will guarantee a better and more effective communication between homeowners and the management team.  We are please to introduce today our new website dedicate solely for the home owners.  This new website esjcondo.com, will allow you to have detailed information about ongoing projects.

This new digital platform will allow you to have a updated information about renovations on the property.  You will also have access to the latest presentations and information given at meeting with the homeowners. This will allow you to know exactly where investment and remodels are being made, plus a timetable for future projects.

Another feature of this new website, is that you can, send inquires that will be responded within 48 hours of them being received.  An event calendar is also in place to have an itinerary of ongoing activities at the property, plus information about our restaurants and bars.

This is just the first step to guarantee a more transparent dialogue between management and the homeowners.

Best regards,

Keith St. Clair